New paper - hierarchical drivers of ecosystem stability in metacommunities

By andrew, October 25, 2017

New paper representing a large collaboration led by Kevin Wilcox and myself where we use the CoRRE database to partition the variance of metacommunity ecosystem stability among community-level stability and community asynchrony. We found that community asynchrony is important and that, at least at the scales we looked at, the degree of community synchrony was driven by the degree of metapopulation synchrony, not species turnover in space. It’s open access, so anyone can read it here.

Asynchrony among local communities stabilises ecosystem function of metacommunities
Wilcox, Tredennick, Koerner, Grman, Hallett, Avolio, La pierre, Houseman, Isbell, Johnson, Alatalo, Baldwin, Bork, Boughton, Bowman, Britton, Cahill, Collins, Du, Eskelinen, Gough, Jentsch, Kern, Klanderud, Knapp, Kreyling, Luo, Mclaren, Megonigal, Onipchenko, Prevéy, Price, Robinson, Sala, Smith, Soudzilovskaia, Souza, Tilman, White, Xu, Yahdjian, Yu, Zhang, and Zhang
Ecology Letters,